Quick cuffs

Quick cuffs

Quick Cuffs - Rigid Handcuffs.

Your Blueline HD Rigid Cuffs are packed with features;

Reinforced steel rivets for added strength and durability.

Built-in back-loading for fast cuffing.
Rigid connecting bar for immense rigidity and strength (see right).
Stainless steel construction which is hypoallergenic and highly durable.

Blueline HD rigid handcuffs have a back-loading feature for faster and more reliable cuffing.  The single bar can be snapped back or pulled into place.  The handcuffs can be carried in the ready position where slight contact with the subjects wrist will activate the single bar to swing and engage the ratchet.

Blueline Rigid handcuffs with moulded grip that fits snugly in the hand and provides greater control and speed of application

Be sure to follow these safety guidelines when using your Blueline HD Rigid Cuffs.  

Always keep the subject under surveillance and control
Always apply handcuffs prior to subject search
Always handcuff the subject to the rear, palms out
Always DOUBLE-LOCK the handcuffs

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We advise that you are properly trained and insured in the use of handcuffs and restraints. It is your responsibility to familiarise yourself with UK laws regarding the carry and use of cuffs and restraints. It is your responsibility to ensure that cuffs and restraints are used in an appropriate manner and within the constraints of the law.

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