MTP PCS Warm Weather British Army Surplus Shirt - New

    The PCS Warm Weather Combat Shirt has been popular with British Forces since its first release in 2010. Although alot of people describe this as a jacket it is in #fact a thick shirt, perfect for those climates that are cold or windyt but not freezing. Our shirts are in a new condition. The PCS (Personal Clothing System) shirt comes with a zip front and velcro storm flap keeping the heat in and the cold out this makes the ideal lightweight edition to your kit bag eliminating the need to carry an extra heavy, bulky cold weather coat. For those that require it the collar does also gold down to become an effective field shirt.

    The shirt also have big utinity style pockets over the chest allowing for you to be able to carry small important items close yo##to your chest. Tjhey'll fit most modern hones, an A5 boklet or your wallet. There is also angled pockets on the sleeves with large velcro blanking plates and velcro closures and a smaller velcro patch on the forearm area.   

    For those that serve or have previously served there is a rank tag system both on the shoulders and over the chest plate which universally fits UK rank slides.
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