British Army MK 2 Osprey Plate Carrier Vest Desert Super Grade

    The British Army have been reliant on Osprey style vests since they preceded the Enhanced Combat Body Armour. This particular version was first issued in 2007. The vest was improved by the use of modified pouches, a drop sling attachment on the shoulder to support a L85 if the soldier wasn't issued a full sling. With improved construction quality. The press studs were modified so that they could only be undone in one direction (as opposed to the multi-directional studs of the Mk 1 vest). A waist cummerbund belt was introduced to improve the fit and comfort of the vest. This version also saw the introduction of separately fitted arm and collar protection. (Not included)

    The MK one is in the now vintage Dual Tone British Army Desert, typical of the era were desert and woodland camos were used dependent of terrain as supposed to the modern Multi-Cam. 

    The vest comes with the shoulder and neck pieces, but without pouches and plates. The vest ready for your own personal customisation.
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