Haix Airpower Desert Boot


    Waterproof thanks to GORE-TEX®

    Your feet stay dry and you stay healthy because the Airpower P9 desert is permanently waterproof and extremely breathable. This is ensured by the three-layer GORE-TEX® membrane throughout the lining of the Airpower P9 desert.

    Secure hold thanks to anti-slip

    The Airpower P9 desert gives you stability in every position. To protect you against skidding, the sole of the Airpower P9 desert with its special rubber compound and innovative tread construction offers extremely high slip resistance and grip on a wide variety of surfaces.

    Relieving cushioning with HAIX absorption

    You'll experience a comfortable feel in the Airpower P9 desert even when you're out for several hours. Because the integrated cushioning wedge inside cushions your steps. We call this HAIX Absorption: for drive even on long working days.

    reathable with Climate System

    In the Airpower P9 desert your foot can breathe, because a special foam system ensures that the air circulates in the shoe and moisture can escape. The Climate System works like an air conditioning system in a shoe.

    Precise fit thanks to special lasts

    The right shoe for your feet. Thanks to specially designed lasts, your Airpower P9 desert fits perfectly and provides ultimate wearing comfort, the whole day long.

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