British Army Type Heximine Cookers | Hexi Stoves

    British Army
    British Army Type Heximine Cookers | Hexi Stoves | Solid Fuel.

    British Army Type New Heximine cookers or Hexi Stoves, solid fuel stoves and solid fuel cookers) make a great alternative to stoves that require gas canisters. This makes them ideal for cooking at festivals where gas canisters have been banned. They are also used by campers, fishermen and survival enthusiasts.

    Put simply they are small metal cookers that fold out on legs to provide a cooking area. They pack away neatly into a small lightweight box. Once opened you insert solid fuel Heximine tablets or pellets into the open area. You then light the tablets with matches or a lighter and cook by placing your pan or mess tin on top of the cooker. If you require more heat you simply add more tablets.

    Comes complete with 8 fuel tablets.

    Spare fuel tablets are available in my other listing.

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