British Army Style Polyester Ribbed Jumper

    British Army

    This ribbed pullover is a classic Military style jumper with extra padding around the shoulders and elbows for added protection. Made with 100% polyester the sweater retains your body heat extremely well and is ideal for military or outdoor use, particularly for those in the security industry. The jumper is close fitting with a ribbed-style and has epaulettes on the shoulders.

    A high-quality copy of the ‘army’ commando pullover, and featuring a crew neck this jumper is both rugged and practical. For a looser fit order a size above. Typically the original jumper was worn by varuious organisation in the Ministry of Justice/Defence and the RAF. The colour of the jumper corresponded to the unit you would be serving. For example. the MOJ (Police, Prison Guards and SIA Security officers) would usually wear black. The MOD (Army and Special Forces) Typically wear Olive Green and the RAF and Royal Navy wear Blue.

    These jumpers are excellent for body heat retention and build up, ideal for SIA operatives and security personel and come ina  range of sizes.

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