British Army Barrack Shirt Jacket Army Military Cotton

    A very simple lightweight jacket shirt, designed for warm weather or as a lower layer under a field jacket. A comfortable alternative for summer and warm weather use. No de-comissioned since the production of Multi-Cam in 2010, these shirts are now hard to find in this condition in the original sodier 95 material. The soldier 95 clothing system is a definitive improvement over the older 85/90 DPM pattern. 

    There is a visable canadian style button closure which creates ease of use regardigng the fitting and some slight leway in the tightness of the shirt. The fixings also ensure that the two large chest pockets are secured. Rank Epaulet are available on both the shoulders (dependent on the model) and at chest level. With the button cuffs #, lightweight poly ripstop matrerial throughout, in-side pockets and alternating fold-down collar these shirts are the perfect multi-functional modern fashion accessory, survial kit and battle dress perfect for explorers, scouts and airsofters alike. 

    Full British Army Post 2010's spec. Grade 1 Condition. 

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