British Army 58 Pattern Sleeping Bags Grade 1 (Used)

British Army 58 Pattern Sleeping Bags Grade 1 (Used)

Issued from 1958 up to the 90s, this was the definitive sleeping bag for sleeping outdoors, with a military waterproof base and roll up hood attached.The 58 pattern sleeping bag is a classic. This genuine military issue bag definitely deserves its reputation for comfort and warmth. Tried and tested in the army by troops, it's great for fishing, hiking, festivals and general camping trips especially in cold conditions. This bag is very versatile due to the waterproof bottom which is like a built-in groundsheet. It can be used conventionally inside a tent, or can be slept in directly on the ground in summer nights with or without the use of bashas, tarpaulin and/or other shelters. It tips the scales at above average weight these days at 2.5kg but the small sacrifice of pack size and weight is easily made up for in comfort and warmth. Having said that, it will still fit inside a decent sized rucksack.

General Stats and Facts:

Genuine British Army - Used in Condition
Tried and Tested - Usage dated back to the 70's
Draw Cord Hood
Reineforced Zipped - opens easily from the ind#side and out
Water Resistant Built in Ground Sheet
Mummy Style Shape

PLEASE NOTE: These bags are old however still in a very solid Grade 1 condition. Having said that they may need a freshen up as they have been in storage for 25 - 40 years. The bag rolls up into its own hood and secures with two toggles. Any bags that needed repair have been professionally repaired. Some bags may still have the odd scufrf, marking or small hole. May have names or numbers etc. Every zip works and all the built in groundsheets are still watertight. When fully packed and rolled the pack size should be around 16 x 10 inches.

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