British Army 100L DPM Bergen

British Army 100L DPM Bergen

This Heavy Duty rucksack can handle near enough anything trown at it. Perfect for long travel trips, camping, hiking or even Duke of Edinburgh or cadet expeditions. The British Army 100L DPM Woodland Bergen has a lightweight aluminium frame and a long back making it both supportive and comfotable to carry over long trips. Made from the extremely tough Codura fabric and using tried and tested fixtures, this bergen makes packing, unpacking and general transportation a breeze - even when the kit bag is fully loaded. 

The aluminium frame comes in a detachable/replaceable form meaning you can remove it for extra weightloss or replace it if it breaks. The woodland camo pattern ensures you'll blend in with your surroundings. This is an original piece of Army surplus kit and could have been used by serving personel, may have small marks, scuffing or fading. 


  • A large main inner compartment
  • Good padded and firm fitting shoulder straps
  • Adjustable waist straps with padding
  • Detachable inner aluminium frame
  • Inner pouch on top of the flap for storing keys etc.
  • Grade 1 condition
Please note: These are used in service and have been issued to soldiers. Therefore might come with the odd scuff or area that needs cleaning or wiping down. These have been in storage for a while so may need a quick dusting off but none of this effects the use or quality of the item.


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