Basha Shelter

    Kombat UK
    Basha Shelter Ground Sheet Tarp Bivvi Tent

    This Basha from Kombat UK is a truly versatile piece of outdoor kit.
    It is constructed from fully waterproof single coated nylon fabric in Kombat's British Terrain Pattern (BTP). or Woodland Camo (DPM)
    These patterns are very similar in colour and design to the Genuine MTP or DPM  issued to British and NATO forces
    and compliments the genuine kit very well.

    Can be used as a shelter, tarp, ground sheet, Bivvi tent or even as a stretcher in a emergency
    There are 12 reinforced loops around the edges of the sheet and brass eyelets at the corners and in the middle along
    with 3 reinforced pitch loops.
    Basha poles not included but are available separately
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