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Basha Bundle - Poles, Para Cord, Tent Pegs and Bungee Cords

Kombat UK

Basha Bundle - Poles, Para Cord, Tent Pegs and Bungee Cords

Basha Shelter Basha Poles Para Cord Tent Pegs Bungee Cords Bundle

This Basha kit bundle from Armykit UK is a truly versatile load of outdoor kit, consisting of a Basha with a  choice of colour of BTP Multicam or DPM 
woodland camo, 2 x Extending lockable Basha poles, 6 x Bungee cords, 10 x steel tent pegs and 1 x 15 metre olive green para cord.

It is constructed from fully waterproof single coated nylon fabric in Kombat's British Terrain Pattern (BTP). or Woodland Camo (DPM)
These patterns are very similar in colour and design to the Genuine MTP or DPM  issued to British and NATO forces
and compliments the genuine kit very well.

Can be used as a shelter, tarp, ground sheet, Bivvi tent or even as a stretcher in a emergency
There are 12 reinforced loops around the edges of the sheet and brass eyelets at the corners and in the middle along
with 3 reinforced pitch loops.
Basha Poles

Olive green lightweight aluminium extendable Basha poles with robust twist lock system, extends from 50cm to 90cm.

Bungee cords

Olive green 18 inch elasticated shock cords with metal hooks which are coated in plastic to prevent rust and also protect what you may fasten to.

Tent pegs

These 7 inch - 17.5cm tent pegs are made from strong twisted steel ensuring a better grip in the ground, they are 3mm thick and have large hooks .

Para cord

This 15 metre length of Olive green para cord can be used for multiple task and is a must to carry in your kit bag. Ideal for tying your Basha to a tree when that bungee cord is just a bit short


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