Altberg Leder Gris Water Repellent Wax

    Altberg Leder Gris Water Repellent Wax For Leather Footwear.

    Leder-Gris® is a specially formulated combination of waxes and synthetic oils developed for use on modern water repellent leathers of the Anfibio/Hydro/WR100 type.

    It is suitable for use on most makes of high quality leather boots and shoes.

    The specialist oils in Leder-Gris® penetrate the surface of the leather to keep it supple, whilst the waxes remain on (or closer) to the surface to enhance water repellency.

    Available in Black | MOD Brown | or Clear.

    Size 40g Tin or 80g Tin

    Always follow the user instructions.

    Note - Leder-Gris® may darken lighter coloured leather


    Oil Content - MediumBalance of synthetic oils to waxes, less oil/more wax
    Wax Content - MediumLeder-Gris® synthetic waxes include bees wax
    Regular UseLeder-Gris® can be used regularly, as it won't over soften or damage leather if used excessively
    Size80gms (large) 40gms (small)


    Brush in Leder-Gris when the boots are ALMOST dry, use the brush to drive the wax-oil INTO the leather, ALWAYS treat with Leder-Gris before storage. Altberg recommend only Leder-Gris products for use on their boots.
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