Alpha Tactical Folding Sleep Mat

    Alpha Tactical
    Alpha Tactical Water resistant Folding Sleep Mat Sniper Mat MTP

    These folding sleep mats by Alpha Tactical UK are a compact and lightweight space saving full length camping mat split into 7 sections for easy pack away. Made from 10mm padded foam covered by MTP ( Multi Terrain Pattern ) water resistant material with secure straps to keep it secure when not in use and easier to carry. Lay out flat for sleeping on or leave folded to use as a seat keeping you off an hard, cold or wet ground.

    • Lightweight Camouflage Sleeping Mat
    • Length 160cm x Width 49cm x 1.5cm
    • Folded 23cm x 49cm x 11cm
    • Weight: 610g
    • Material: Water-resistant Nylon
    • Colour: MTP Camouflage (Multi Terrain Pattern)
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